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EXPIRED in few hours

by admin in Uncategorized


Super fast:

1. You’re getting $20,382 worth of free trainings as a bribe to get even MORE cool stuff. Details here.

2. It’s expiring soon – midnight tonight, Pacific time.

3. Here’s what this’ll help you with. (this’ll is a word in Georgia)

  • How to use advanced automation to get more sales passively (even if you’re non-techie).
  • How to use Subconscious Selling to make more sales while providing amazing value to people.
  • How to identify what people want to buy.
  • Three automated marketing campaigns that high paying customers.
  • How to strangers on Facebook into customers who pay you.

Actually – this email would be a million pages long if I listed all the benefits this will provide you.

Instead of that, just go here and see what the trainings are – and what you’re getting when you accept this bribe and become a member of my Inner Circle.



P.S. This goes away at midnight tonight. This isn’t an automated “launch: or anything. I created this special offer during my Book Funnel Blueprint training and so many people loved it that I’ve kept it open all week because …well, it’s been fun! But enrollment CLOSES at midnight PST.


Frank Kern 7660 Fay Ave La Jolla, California 92037-0021 United States

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