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1 of 308 (and more than 52k subscribers a DAY)

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I’m a pretty big fan of surveys…

I use them to understand what my community wants
from me, my content, my products, and my marketing.

There are lots of tools to create surveys – I use
SurveyMonkey.com… it’s just the one I happened to 
sign up for back in 2003.

Since 2003 I’ve done a lot of surveys… in fact I
just looked in SurveyMonkey to see exactly how
many I’ve done:

308 surveys






And it looks like I’ve done 308 surveys over the years.


And it’s a major part of my success – because I’m
obsessed with what’s on the minds of the people
reading and watching my stuff.

So I thought I was the king of “asking” my tribe what 
they wanted… and then I met Ryan Levesque several 
years ago. He takes it to a whole different level.

In fact, he uses surveys to help build email
lists… and he’s currently generating over 52,000
subscribers PER DAY for his clients – in all
kinds of different markets.

Now Ryan is starting a launch to teach his
process… which means he’s giving away some great
free training (videos + downloadable PDFs). You
should go check them out while you can get them
for free:

CLICK HERE  for the “Ask Method” training

best regards, 

P.S. Ryan is in my Plat Plus mastermind
group, so I’ve already seen the “behind-the-scenes”
of his launch – and I know he’s going to give out
some huge value in his free prelaunch videos. You
can get a full education just from his free

CLICK HERE  for the “Ask Method” training










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