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Your $20,382 credit

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First of all, watch this.



It’s a cool surprise (and some stats!)

Now – more coolness.

For a short time, I’ve given you a $20,382 credit towards six of my most powerful trainings. (Which makes them completely free for you 🙂

It’s all a blatant and shameless bribe to get you to try my Inner Circle program. All the details are here (30-second read).

Here’s what you’re getting when you become a member:

  1. BRAND NEW: Beginner’s Luck ($1,997 value): In this training, you literally look over my shoulder as I create (and scale) a Facebook ads campaign that’s working right now. This is so up-to-date that the most recent training video I shot for it was done at 12:55 PM yesterday. (It was an update showing you how we’re getting 200% ROI on the campaign for the day …)
  2. BRAND NEW: Subconscious Selling ($1,997 value): In this training, I’ll walk you through all the ways to tap into the subconscious mind to make a sale.To be clear – this is NOT the same as “shady” selling or “mind control”.Instead, it’s about deliberately engineering trust and desire by providing value through story-based content that actually helps people.But just being helpful isn’t enough.In this training, you’ll also learn how to trigger BUYING EMOTIONS through stories, images, metaphors, stacking, and more. I’ve never taught it before and have no plans to release it to the public.
  3. High Level Fellowship ($6,400 value): This six-week fully immersive training shows you all five of the most powerful “High Ticket” business models, shows you how to run each model, shows you how to sell them, and shows you how to automate much of the process.It originally sold for $6,400 but you’re getting it free.
  4. Info Business Blueprint ($2,997 value): Hey – you can go buy this on my site right now for $2,997 or you can get it free today.This four-week training is all about finding a responsive market of buyers, creating an info-product they’ve demonstrated a strong desire to buy, and then selling that product using marketing automation.In my opinion, selling info-products online is the closest thing we can get to creating a truly “hands off” income stream.But it takes work and you need to know how to do it right. And you need to know how to keep it running. This class is the culmination of my 18 years of experience successfully selling information products online.So if you want to create (and sell) online info products, this is what you want.
  5. BRAND NEW: Upscale Continuity ($1,997 Value): This is another training that’s never been released to the public. I created it exclusively for my Inner Circle members and it walks you through everything you need to do to create a recurring revenue stream like I’ve done with the Inner Circle.Two things come to mind that set this model apart:First, you don’t need a membership site. I don’t have one. Too “techy”.Second, you typically charge more for this type of program – so you don’t need as many customers to hit your income goals. Oh – plus – it’s infinitely scalable …In this class, you’ll learn what markets are most likely to be interested in buying an Upscale Continuity offer, exactly what to give people who join your program, the two most power types of offers that SELL this type of program, and how to automate the sales process. If you want recurring sales, this is for you.
  6. BRAND NEW: Alchemy: I literally spent $50,000 filming and editing this two-day training that’s specifically about how to turn strangers into money.It was a live event and the people there had paid a minimum of $2,000 to be invited. People flew from all over the world to come – and it was a massive success – but it has never been released. (Mainly because 100% of my focus is on serving my members!)So this is literally something you cannot get anywhere – except here – and it’s free.
  7. And more

Go here and claim your gifts right now. I’ve also made a bullet-pointed list of everything you’re getting each month as a member.

See you soon,


P.S. This EXPIRES tomorrow at midnight.

So if you want over $20,000 in trainings, free – get ‘em here 🙂


Frank Kern 7660 Fay Ave La Jolla, California 92037-0021 United States

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