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What if everything could change in 3 ½ days?

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Tony Robbins
Christian Piuma


To the world you may be the definition of success, but that doesn’t mean you’re living a fulfilling life. Christian was working for a thriving company and by definition had every reason to be happy, but on the inside, he was suffering. At Unleash the Power Within, Christian was able to define what he wanted most out of life in order to bring him fulfillment and achievement.


Christian’s Experience

Danika Brysha

Often, periods of transition are our biggest opportunities for growth. For Danika, a successful model and business owner, she knew that while she was making tremendous new professional strides, she still had a lot of personal growing to do. At Unleash the Power Within, Danika was able to closely address what was holding her personal life back, overcome it and reach her next level.


Danika’s Experience


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“I came here (to UPW) out of curiosity. I feel like I am leaving inspired and with a whole head of new ideas and ways to take what I do to an even better place.”

— Jeff Kleeman, Film and Television Producer

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