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How I (kind of) make $53K per day

by admin in Uncategorized

Here’s an on-demand class showing how I kind of make $53K per day.

You can watch it here, on-demand.

The reason I say “kind of” is because I don’t make 53 grand every day.

There are currently 24 “fifty three thousand dollar days” booked (and paid for in advance) for this year.

Anyway – this new class isn’t what you think.

It’s not about some new business model, marketing tactic, or anything remotely like that.

Instead – it shows you the strategic thinking behind how to “reverse engineer” big paydays like these …and then the simple steps to follow to actually get them.

I created the class after working with eight and nine-figure businesses the past two years.

You’ll see a few case studies and I’ll even walk you through a few simple exercises to help you get exactly what you want from your business.

On the house 🙂

You can screen it on-demand, here 🙂



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