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FREE Download: Your Map To Wealth

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A few years back, I met a woman who seemed to be on the
“fast track” to success.

She had spent years stuck in a job she couldn’t stand,
and had finally worked up the courage to leave her job
and start a business.

She enrolled in PLF. She came to LaunchCon. She worked
the system and as a result, her business started to
grow… fast.

But she was hungry for more…

So when we opened up a spot on our affiliate roster for
our big annual PLF launch, she threw her hat in the
ring and started sharing PLF with her email list.

And this past September, she completely dominated the
affiliate competition for my launch, taking the lead
among all my affiliates and staying there pretty much
the whole launch.

It’s pretty amazing, considering she was going
toe-to-toe with some of the biggest names in the
industry. I’m talking big-time players with huge lists
and hundreds of thousands (even millions) of followers…
people who have been doing this for over a decade.

It’s extremely rare that a newcomer comes storming in
and claims a top 5 spot on the affiliate leaderboard…
let alone wins the whole thing.

(And when I say it’s “extremely rare,” I mean it’s
never happened before in 12 years of PLF launches.)

On the surface, it might look like she came out of
nowhere. But in reality, a lot of her success came down
to a having a plan for what she wanted… and then
working that plan.

Her name is Denise Duffield-Thomas.

And I told you her story to demonstrate the kind of
thing you’re capable (and I’m capable, and we’re all
capable) of achieving when you cultivate a strong
mental game.

Building and growing a business isn’t easy… otherwise
everyone would have one.

And it’s super critical to find a way past the mental
and emotional blocks that come up along the way.
Otherwise you’re dead in the water.

Denise is an expert on overcoming those blocks. And she
just released Video 2 in her “Money Mindset Workshop”
training series.

It’s all about creating a “map to wealth” and getting
the clarity you need to get past the things that are
holding you back.

It’s pretty powerful stuff.

It’s free to watch (all it will cost you is an email
address). Here’s where to get her video and free PDF:

CLICK HERE for Your Map To Wealth

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