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This is ridiculous. (53,409 and counting…)

by admin in Uncategorized

True story:

I’ve sold 53,409 books in the past few years – mostly from COLD TRAFFIC.

(No launches, no affiliates, nothing. Like I was starting from scratch.)

But I didn’t write a single word.

And when you hear that, you might think …"Oh. OK. He hired a ghost writer."

Nope. No ghost writer.

Here’s what’s cooler:

Those people that bought books are INCREDIBLY responsive. Meaning …they’ve gone on to buy (literally) millions of dollars in additional stuff!

My secret weapon is something called a "Book Funnel" and on Saturday …Ill be filming an entire course walking you how to create your own book funnel.

Wanna watch? No charge.


You don’t even need to register.

Just come here this Saturday at 9am and join in.

I’ll be broadcasting this new course and because you’re a long time subscriber, I’d like to invite you to watch the whole thing …on me.

Pretty sweet right?

I’ve posted the whole agenda for you here.

Look forward to seeing you Saturday!


P.S We start Saturday at 9AM PST.

We will be live in the chat so ask what ever questions you want.

Nothing to register for – here’s the full agenda on this page.

P.P.S. In my opinion, a book funnel is the single greatest and most universally effective customer-getting campaign, ever.


And I think that EVERYONE can make one work for them.

Especially since I "cracked the code" on not having to actually write a book …or fork over money for a ghost writer!

Anyway – like I said – you can watch me film the entire system – free – broadcasted to you at no cost .

We start on Saturday. Here’s the full schedule 🙂



Frank Kern 7660 Fay Ave La Jolla, California 92037-0021 United States

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