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new bonus (and your deadline!)…

by admin in Uncategorized

Lisa Sasevich is closing her “Speak-to-Sell Virtual
Bootcamp” offer on Thursday… and I just added another
huge bonus if you jump on board before it closes.

(The reason I’m offering these bonuses is, I want to
push you off the fence. I bought this exact training
from Lisa a while back, and I used it to build a talk
that generated over a million dollars in sales. How is
that for a personal testimonial?)

So, these are the bonuses you’ll get when you sign up
for “Speak-to-Sell” through my link:

BONUS #1: Dissecting a Multi-Million Dollar Presentation

This is one of the coolest trainings I’ve created in
years… I actually took Lisa’s “Speak to Sell”
training myself (I paid full price for it), and I built
a presentation that I used to sell millions of dollars
of my products.

(That was a pretty amazing return on my investment in
the course!)

This bonus is a video training where I walk you through
my entire presentation and explain what I was doing in
each slide. And then I take it to the next level, and I
show you how I modified that presentation for different

The combination of Lisa’s program along with the
example of how I implemented it is pure gold (I’m
trying to stay humble – but what a great way to learn.)

BONUS #2: Free Ticket to PLF Live

This is crazy – you’ll get an invite as my guest to
“Product Launch Formula Live”. This is a 3-day workshop
taught personally by me – and we’ll create your full
launch plan for your product, service, or entire

In the past, I’ve charged $5,000 for this workshop –
and it completely sold out. However, this “closed door”
event is now even more exclusive, because you can’t buy
a ticket at any price. These days, the only people who
get invited are my high-end Product Launch Formula

However, since I want to push you off the fence so you
can take advantage of Lisa’s offer (and since I get to
make the rules)… I’m offering you a spot at my PLF
Live event.

IMPORTANT: to get these bonuses, you need to register
before the offer closes down Thursday, March 15th at
midnight Pacific. Here’s the link:

CLICK HERE for the “Speak-to-Sell” Virtual Bootcamp

best regards,

P.S. My personal return on investment for
“Speak-to-Sell” is insane. I spent $1997 for it. And
then I used it to create a talk, and I made over a
million dollars in sales.

And here’s the other thing… I probably wouldn’t have
gotten invited for many of those talks if I wasn’t
consistently getting some amazing results on stage.

That’s part of the secret sauce behind Lisa’s formula.
Once you’ve crafted your signature talk and proven that
you can sell, then the speaking gigs start flowing

I’ve got a winner of a talk, so I get my pick of all
kinds of speaking invitations. And remember, if you
register for Speak-to-Sell, then you’ll get my bonus
webcast where I walk you through how I crafted my talk.

P.P.S. the DEADLINE: this offer ends Thursday at
midnight Pacific. You need to jump onboard right away:

CLICK HERE for the “Speak-to-Sell” Virtual Bootcamp











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