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how to make your irresistible offer even more irresistible…

by admin in Uncategorized

Okay, so what makes an offer irresistible? To me it’s
about adding so much value to an already
perfect-for-you product, that it makes total sense to
say “YES!” Anything else would defy logic and human

So, can something be made even more irresistible than
it already is? Sort of super-uber-irresistible?

I don’t know, but I did it anyway – and I really think
you’re going to like what I came up with. I’ll tell you
all about it in a minute…

First, here’s the big reason why I came up with this
“doubly irresistible” offer…

I wanted to honor my friend Lisa Sasevich who has
taught me so much about selling. And I’ve used what she
taught me to build a larger audience, a closer
relationship with my clients, and (quite frankly) a lot
more money in the bank.

And it’s just way more fun learning how to sell in a
super-authentic and helpful way. 🙂

So I wanted to make it super easy for you to say “YES!”
to getting Lisa’s help. Over the last week I’ve told
you all about her launch – and now you can have full
access to her “Speak to Sell” Formula….

But before you even go there, you have to watch her
final video, because this last video is like a full
sales training course all by itself.

If you ever wanted to know how to use speaking to sell
effectively – but without sounding “salesy” or just
plain awkward – then you need to watch this video:

CLICK HERE to watch Lisa in her final video and learn
more about her “Speak to Sell Virtual Bootcamp”

best regards,

P.S. OK, so here’s my irresistible offer….

When you sign up for Lisa’s Speak to Sell Virtual
Bootcamp, I’ll show you MY “Speak to Sell” talk.

In fact, I’ll not only show it to you – I recorded a
walk-through of the entire presentation, explaining
exactly why I put in each element of the talk – right
down to the slides I used.

I created this talk after I went through Lisa’s
training – and I used this exact talk to do over $1
million in sales.

I’ll even show you how I took this same basic
presentation and made a few slight tweaks to customize
it for a few different audiences.

I’ll give you this free bonus recording when you
register for Lisa’s “Speak to Sell” training with my
link below…

CLICK HERE to learn more about Lisa’s “Speak to Sell Virtual Bootcamp”

P.P.S. That’s right – I created a million dollar talk
from Lisa’s “Speak to Sell” formula. And that’s why I’m
so amped up about YOU putting this to work in your own
life. This is personal for me – the formula works.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the “Speak to Sell Virtual Bootcamp”











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