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five big mistakes first-time authors make

by admin in Uncategorized

When pepole ask me what it was like to write my
book… well, I tell them it was a struggle.
And that’s a huge understatement. It was like
pulling teeth.

I mean… it was awesome once it was done… and
the results were amazing (New York Times #1
Bestseller, over 100k books sold, printed in 11
languages, etc).

But I really, really struggled to just get the
thing out there. It actually took me two years to
finally finish.

If you’re writing a book (or considering writing a
book), then don’t do what I did. There are easier

Right now, Chandler Bolt has some free training on
going from blank page to published author…and
he’s pretty darn good at helping folks embrace
their inner author… and get moving. 

The video he just released is about the 5 biggest
mistakes first-time authors make when writing
their books.

You can watch it for free right here… all it costs
is your email address:

CLICK HERE for the 5 Biggest Mistakes video

And you’ll get a pretty cool freebie if you opt in
to his prelaunch list – a copy of his book,
“Published: The Proven Path From Blank Page to
Published Author”. And it’s an actual 202-page
book – not a glorified 6-page report. 

No shipping and handling fees, no gotchas, and you
can download it immediately. Go check it out.

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