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(kinda awkward) “What do you do for a living?”

by admin in Uncategorized

I’m not very good when it comes to cocktail
parties. It’s the whole introvert thing.

And I pretty much hate when someone asks “What do
you do for a living?”

What do they expect me to say?

I always want to say, “it’s complicated”… but
usually I always just tell them, “I’m a

That’s how I’ve always thought of myself,

Whether it’s email, videos, social media, landing
pages, or whatever… I’m always publishing.

My book “Launch” is the most obvious
example… and I actually used all our online
marketing strategies to drive that to the top of
the bestseller lists (including #1 on the New York
Times list).

Well here’s the thing – the book keeps on selling
– it’s got over 1,100 reviews on Amazon now. And
it continues to bring in revenue, generate leads,
build relationship with affiliate partners, and
increase the perceived value of my work. That’s
pretty awesome.

So, yeah, I’m pretty happy I’ve got that book. 🙂

In any case, awhile back Chandler Bolt interviewed
me about how I wrote and published “Launch”… and
how I turned it into a bestseller.

That was a really cool interview – Chandler
impressed me, and I’ve been watching him ever

Now he’s put together a video training on how to
go from blank page to finished book in just one
weekend. It won’t cost you anything, other than
your email address.

You can watch it here:

CLICK HERE for “Writing Your First Book in a Weekend”

best regards, 

P.S. And he’s got a pretty cool freebie if you opt
in to his prelaunch list – you get a copy of his
book, “Published: The Proven Path From Blank Page
to Published Author”. No shipping and handling
fees, no gotchas, and you can download it

And it’s an actual 202-page book – not a glorified
6-page report. Go check it out .














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