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my “dichotomy” pricing (how I think about prices)

by admin in Uncategorized

Getting your pricing right is one of those things
that I think everyone struggles with at some

I was lucky when I started out, because I had a
partner who kinda “forced” me into charging high
prices. He insisted we start off charging at least
$700 per year for our email newsletter.

Remember, this was 1997… and I had never sold
anything in my entire life. And I don’t think
there were more than a few dozen people who were
selling ANYTHING online back then.

So charging $700 for a newsletter was a crazy
stretch for me. It scared me.

It turns out that was one of the best things I’ve
ever done in my business.

When you sell at the high end, it completely
changes all the math in your business. It gives
you the ability to spend more to attract
clients… and that’s a huge competitive

And it also allows you to create better products
and get better results for your clients (and that
just feels great).

Personally, I’ve always had something of a pricing
dichotomy… I have great stuff that I give away
free, and then I sell stuff that’s very high-end.
And then more stuff that’s super high-end.

Basically, my goal is to have people look at my
free stuff and wonder why I’m not charging for it.
But it starts with my free stuff and then it jumps
from there right into my high-end coaching

(DAMAGING ADMISSION: my pricing strategy changed a
little when I released my book “Launch”, which you
can get on Amazon for about 10 dollars… that’s
the first time I’ve ever had anything priced that
low. But I guess it’s the exception that makes the
rule… right?)  🙂

In any case, one of the quickest ways you can make
the numbers in your business a lot more favorable
(and profitable) is to add in a premium high-end

And doing that is almost always a lot easier than
you think it’s going to be…

Right now, Bill Baren is doing a series about
creating high-end offers (he calls them “Premium
Packages”). It’s part of a launch he’s doing, so
it’s all free – and what he’s put together (videos
+ PDFs + webinars) is basically a roadmap to
creating a high-end offer, and then finding the
clients for that offer.

It’s all free now (see – he’s doing the whole
pricing dichotomy thing too!), but only for a few
more days. Check it out:

CLICK HERE: creating high-end packages

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